Rio de Janeiro Summer Games 2016

Usually, this site is in portuguese, but to help people from abroad, I decided to create a page for this in english. Here I share my Tripadvisor travelguide for Rio (in case you have not found it there) and share some hints for your trip to Rio.

I know you have heard many things about Rio. What I say, is that most of them are true, bur most of them have been intensified, because every little thing about Rio becames huge.

So am I saying there is no violence in Rio ? No, it has violence as all other big cities. But you will be safe in most of tourist sights. What usually happens in many places is that you do not know the dangerous spots and sometimes get too close to them. Same apply for Rio. Ask things about the place you wanna visit in the hotel or hostel you are. Avoid any dangerous places just like when you are at your home town. And be careful with your belongings. Do not trust in anyone you just met and things like that. All the suggestions your mom gave you. Remember them.

What about transportation ? Well, this is something that even us, brazilians, will see for first time. Many changes have been made to the city and they will work for first time during Summer Games. But here is a small explanation about them:

Taxis: Most of them are ok, but some want to take the most of you, and I mean money here. So, try to get taxis as needed from your hotel or from a reliable source. Internet applications is always something safer, since they have registers of calls and which driver takes you where. 99taxi and Easytaxi are the most known here.

Uber: Yes, if not overpriced it is a good solution, I would say better than taxis in Rio. But like in many other cities, taxists are not behaving well with the intrusion in their market.

Public transport: There will be a special sell of tickets for the days of the events, you can get them here. Public transport is not very good in Brazil, but to the main areas of the games, you should face reasonable conditions.

Cars: avoid them, they will not be allowed to get close to the game areas and the places to park should be as expensive as gold, and this applies the hint above, you may leave your car and return to an empty spot. There will be many guys trying to park you to get money, but in prohibited slots. So police may have taken your car when you return. I am sure this is not the kind of fun your are looking for.

Safety first: Try to keep an eye in the attractions and the other where you are going. If you have someone with you, stay together and from time to time, check if you are not too much distractive. If you see someone strange or do not feel safe, try to get closer to a spot with more people or close to the police. I do that everywhere I visit.

Health: Well, this is something that our politicians prepared for us. Many new diseases. Today, it is under control, so the chances you get anything like Dengue or any other disease are very low. But if you think you have any strange symptons look for a hospital. They will treat you well. Regarding the foods, be easy. "Feijoada" is very heavy and although this is Summer Games, we are in winter, and you will discover that winter here is very hot too. So do not over react in the amazing and exotic food you just met. It can easily put you down. Drinks are usually much more strong than US for instances. So take it easy as well.

Extending your visit to other brazilian cities: This is something very intersting to do. Brazil has many different cities and they are very good to visit. But keep in mind that Brazil is very big and most of them are far from Rio to get by car and even plane will take some hours to arrive and besides that, it will take time to get to downtown. So prepare in advance, if you plan for this. Depending how long you will stay, it may be good idea for a second visit to Brazil.

Drugs and sexual tourism: If you are looking for these, please, visit some place else, we do not need this kind of tourism.

Well, I believe I have covered most of the general questions, if you have others, please let me know, I will answer if I can or visit this site that has some official info.

Enjoy your visit !!!

Here is my Tripadvisor travelguide (if you want to open it in a different window, click here):